Use Weather HD as your screen saver

Weather HD is a very pretty Weather forecast app on both OS X and iOS. One thing it’s missing is to have the option to active as screen saver.

But here we have a workaround to make it happen.

First download the attached file which contains 3 things:
– The ScriptSaver.saver which is a Mac Screen Saver profile that allows us to hook screen saver events to Apple Script
– LaunchWeatherHD.scpt Apple Script to launch Weather HD, assuming Weather HD is in /Applications
– CloseWeatherHD.scpt Apple Script to close Weather HD

Now first thing is unzip the file, and copy those 3 files into the Library/Screen Savers/ directory in your home directory. You probably need to un-hide the Library directory by:

chflags nohidden ~/Library

Once this is done, go to “System Preferences” > “Desktop & Screen Saver” > “Screen Saver”, you should see a new Screen Saver appears on the list, (usually at the bottom), called “ScriptSaver”, select it, and click “Screen Saver Options”, which will bring up this screen:

(Screenshot taken in Mountain Lion, if you are using other version of OS X, it will be slightly different but it doesn’t matter)

Now you only need to change 2 things here: the “Activation Script” and “Deactivation Script” setting, mine are:
Activation Script: /Users/vincent/Library/Screen Savers/LaunchWeatherHD.scpt
Deactivation Script: /Users/vincent/Library/Screen Savers/LaunchWeatherHD.scpt
(change /Users/vincent to your home directory path, ScriptSaver doesn’t support relative path here :()

Now click “OK” everything is done. When this Screen Saver gets called it will activate the Weather HD and close it when you exit Screen Saver.


First make sure Screen Saver actually starts before your Display goes to sleep (settings in “Energy Savers”). Also make sure “Require password after sleep or screen saver begins” in “Security & Privacy” is turned off.
After a default install of Weather HD it sometimes asks you to rate it which stops itself from launching automatically, just go to AppStore and rate it…

And yes this works from Leopard to Mountain Lion, at least.

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  1. Is there a way to set it to require a password to login opon termination?

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