Netbeans is starting to seriously piss me off

I’ve been using Netbeans as my IDE for years and my patience with its flaws is running thinner by the minute.

It’s getting more and more bloat,
There are so many minor bugs in it that haven’t been addressed for years:
SVN integration don’t work right if you are behind proxy,
it runs unbelievably slow in Linux and the font in Linux is fugly,
why does it install itself in 64bit “Program Files” in Windows?
all the default color profiles are not good enough,
the UI to modify color profiles are buggy, hard to use and poorly documented,
the Files window doesn’t work until you have a project,
garbage collection is problematic…
And my biggest problem is “over the years it’s not getting better”.

I need to start look into alternatives.

If anyone find a better IDE please drop a line here.

UPDATE: Found IntelliJ IDEA, so far I’m loving it.

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