Getting Ubuntu works with proxy

This is a problem in Lucid Lynx and potentially also in other versions. If you need a proxy for your network to work, here is the things you need to do.


1) System -> Preferences -> Network proxy

Manual proxy configuration, Use the same proxy for all protocols
HTTP proxy: http://your.proxy.address/ Port: 8081

Click “Apply System-Wide”

2) Synaptic Package Manager

Preferences -> Network tab
Manual config
HTTP proxy: your.proxy.address Port: 8081
FTP proxy: your.proxy.address Port: 8081

3) gksu gedit ~/.bashrc & # add, the following lines at the end:

export https_proxy=https://your.proxy.address:8081
export http_proxy=http://your.proxy.address:8081
export ftp_proxy=ftp://your.proxy.address:8081

4) gksu gedit /etc/wgetrc & # Uncomment or add the lines

https_proxy = https://your.proxy.address:8081/
http_proxy = http://your.proxy.address:8081/
ftp_proxy  = ftp://your.proxy.address:8081/
use_proxy = on

5) gksu gedit /etc/apt/apt.conf & # Add or modify the lines

Acquire::https::proxy "https://your.proxy.address:8081/";
Acquire::http::proxy "http://your.proxy.address:8081/";
Acquire::ftp::proxy "ftp://your.proxy.address:8081/";

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