How to edit grub2 boot order in Lucid Lynx

As everyone knows the new Ubuntu Lucid Lynx is using Grub2 instead Grub1, the setting up process has changed quite a bit.

Now if you have various boot entries and want to add, remove or re-order the boot list, you won’t find /etc/grub/menu.lst. Instead the info is stored in /boot/grub/grub.cfg. But wait, you are not supposed to edit this grub.cfg. Instead you need to go to /etc/grub.d/ folder…

In /etc/grub.d/ folder you will find a list of executables like:

  • 00_header
  • 05_debian_theme
  • 10_linux
  • 20_memory_test
  • 30_os-prober
  • 40_custom

And your boot list will be order by the numbers. In fact, 10_linux gives you the 2 lines of linux (normal and recovery mode), 20_memory_test gives you 2 lines of memory test, 30_os-probers will list whatever other systems you have on your harddisk, and 40_custom is the extra bits you can add/remove.

So, if you want to move your other OS (for example, Windows) to first, then Ubuntu, and remove memory test from the list, you delete file 20_memory_test, and rename the rest files to like this:

  • 00_header
  • 05_debian_theme
  • 10_os-prober
  • 20_linux
  • 30_custom

Now all you need to do is sudo update-grub which update your /boot/grub/grub.cfg and boot list accordingly.

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